Morticia Painted Denim Jacket Portrait

Most of my childhood memories come from the late eighties and early nineties… which as it turns out the youth call THE 1900’s!!! Accurate but still stings!

I remember the seeing the Addams Family movies during that time; I would have been adolescent-ish, and they really stuck with me because I always felt like a bit of an oddball… and that was being celebrated on the Big Screen!

I was also beginning that crazy hormonal change and the characters of Gomez and Morticia were just so ripe and passionate and exactly what 10 year old me wanted to believe real love looked like. Passion and dancing and pure adoration.

What sticks with me about Morticia is that she wasn’t the Princess that needed saving which was such a common trope in moves during that time. She was calm, and powerful.

I really enjoyed painting this piece, and I hope you enjoy it too!