My name is Maria, but you can call me Ms. Pickles.

I am a maximalist. I believe that leopard print is a neutral, pineapple belongs on pizza right next to the jalapeño, and bright red lipstick is for everyday wear.

I have been told I have puppy energy… I talk fast, I paint fast, and I strive to spend my life laughing and connecting. (I also wouldn’t say no to a belly rub)

I was artsy and creative as a kid. I played piano, loved the theater, singing, and ceramics. In my adult life I’ve had many chapters, and during each phase I found time to create.

I’ve painted on just about every surface you can imagine, and lately I found myself head over heels obsessed with hand painting clothes. I love the idea that you could fill your closet with wearable art, just like you cover your walls with pictures and prints.

So, let’s connect and share the love! Submit a request for a custom piece, check out my store and support a SoCal artist, join me for Paint Nite, or hit me up on the socials – I love to talk all things art.